Be a Part of Guiness World Record History
South Bend, Indiana

What Is Bend It Til It Breaks?

South Bend is going for a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for the worlds largest pub crawl!!! This will be an over the top event that has something for everybody! We have sponsors like Red Bull, Budweiser, Miller Lite, Jaegermeister, Jim Beam, and Fireball just to name a few!! This is sure to be the biggest party ever!!

The event starts at the College Football Hall of Fame, includes ten bars in downtown South Bend including the Century Center, Vickies, Corby's, McCormick's, Weiss Haus ( beer garden ), C.J.'s, Blarney Stone, Bakers (doubletree) and ends at Four Winds Field Stadium (yes they gave me the whole stadium!!!) with the color guard, a fireworks show if the record is broken, and a mystery national act to be named soon.

Ten charities will be involved including Hospice, Greening the Bend, Flag Awareness, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Hoosier Burn Camp, F.O.P., Kernans Heroes, M.S., the march of dimes and the St Joseph Memorial Day Society.

You do not have to drink alcohol to be a part of the crawl but you will have to purchase and consume at least half a pint or more of a liquid to qualify (Coke, Red Bull, water, etc.)

Wristbands will cost just $3.00 and get you access to all locations . There will be a food court area at the start line as well as food served through several locations. Be sure to eat before you begin.

This will not be your normal crawl. You won't have time to hang out at all the locations. This is a numbers game. We need to get you in, get you qualified, then you need to get to the next spot. The more people we can push through, the bigger the record. Don't worry though, we will have plenty of stuff going on at the end.

The current record is 4885 people and with all the local celebrities, live entertainment, and extra festivities going on it's like 5 festivals all rolled into one. Don't miss out on your chance to be a part of history.

There will be several themes at different locations including Cinco de Mayo, Oktoberfest, military, beach party, country western, and my favorite, the Walking Dead... yes, even zombies need a drink. So be sure to dress appropriately, costumes are encouraged. just don't dress as the crow!! ( inside joke )

We will continue to post more information on this site as we receive it.

Almost too much to post... it's coming!!!!

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